Registered Nurse
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Professional Summary

Dynamic Registered Nurse (RN) with 7+ years of healthcare experience and strong academic performance. Eager to build upon success in areas such as patient care and critical care. Noted for attention to detail, work ethic, and team-mindedness.

Professional History& Experience
Surgical Trauma/ Transplant ICU Registered Nurse: 07/2021-Current
Registered Nurse at Duke University Hospital
• Provided total patients care to 1-2 patients per shift.
• Provided total patient care to patients with trauma, gunshot wound (GSW), Covid-19, newly inserted pacemaker, shocks, chest tubes, ventriculostomy, hypothermia protocol, CRRT
• Provider care to patients with Liver, Kidneys, Small bowel, and pancreas transplant
• Performed head-to-toe assessment and charting
• Maintained multiple vasopressors, sedation, paralytic, and insulin drips and their charting
• Administered oral, IV, IM, OG/NG, dubhoff tube, subcutaneous medications
• Performed EKGs, phlebotomy, accuchecks, ADLs
• Inserted IV-line, indwelling catheter, straight catheter, OG/NG tubes
• Collaborated with nurses and other medical staff to achieve quality patient Outcome
• Software utilized: EPIC
Interventional Radiology Registered Nurse: 12/2022-Current
Registered Nurse at Azura Vascular Care
• Provide Pre-op, intraoperative, post-op care
• Administer moderate sedation such as Midazolam, Versed
• Provide care to patients with surveillance of AV fistula/graft, thrombectomies, WaveliQ and Ellipsys creation insert/exchange (IJ, Subclavian, femoral) dialysis catheter, manipulation of PD catheter
• Software: NextGen
Hospice Case Manager Registered Nurse: 03/2022-08/2022
Case Manager Registered Nurse at Pruitt Health Hospice
• Admit patients under hospice care
• Provided patient care to 7-8 patients per shift and manager their care
• Performed head-to-toe assessment and charting
• Provide hospice and end of life care
• Provide education on hospice care and end of life care
Registered Nurses-Infusionist: 10/2021-12/2021
Registered Nurse at WakeMed Health and Hospitals
• Providing care to only Covid-19 patients
• Provider care to 12-15 patients per day
• Prepare Monoclonal Antibodies in 50 mL NS
• Insert IV and administer Monoclonal Antibodies
• Observe patients for allergic reactions
• Provide discharge instructions and remove IV
• Software utilized: EPIC